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SpecLube has developed a Complete Care System service concept for the automotive service shop. This advanced system has been certified and tested in Germany to meet the latest technical standards and proven effective in cleaning engine internals and the complete fuel system. Our system is safe and easy to use, helping define your shop’s competency and expertise.

Pressurized De-Carbonizing Tool

Features and Benefits

Why use our Pressurized Induction Tool?

Direct Injection Engines are particularly susceptible to premature carbon and varnish build up on the backs of the intake valves. These valves are not cleaned during a conventional fuel system service and require a separate cleaning through the induction system. More and more manufacturers are making vehicles with Direct Injection Engines; thus creating a greater need to service the intake valves separately from a conventional Fuel System Cleaning.

The SpecLube Pressurized De-Carbonizing Tool helps you perform an effective induction service on Direct or Conventional Fuel Injected Engines. Alter filling the tool's cylinder with SpecLube Fuel System Cleaner, pressurized shop air is used to atomize the cleaning fluid. The S-Tool is placed inside the intake past the Mass Air Flow Sensor, a fine spray of cleaner is introduced into the system. The fuel system cleaner ls sprayed on to the valves, ensuring that they are cleaned of hard carbon deposits that negatively impact effective combustion.

Through years of field testing, we have developed a tool that has the balance of an effective and simple application.

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Established in New York over 150 years ago in 1853, MOTUL had its roots in the whale-oil business, used for lanterns. Owned by the Rockefeller Group and operated as a subsidiary of Standard Oil Company, the company was later managed and run by Swan Finch and in 1919, came to known as the Swan Finch Company.

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Founded in 1931 as a family business in Mannheim, FUCHS is now the world's largest independent supplier of innovative lubrication solutions, covering almost every industry and application. Today, the company's 6,000 employees in over 50 countries still share the same goal: to keep the world moving both sustainably and efficiently.

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